November 23, 2009

Love Letter to Mr Study Mood

Dear Mr Study Mood,

It's been ages since the last time we met. Dont you miss me? I know, i'm the one whom abandon you... I'm sorry... Since entering the clinical year, i always feel tired.. balik2 kelas jek, terus terbongkang. But.. why don't you go and seek for me? You know what? Your best friends, the TWIN 'T', Mr Test and Mr Tutorial always come and see me.. Why don't you come together with them? Because you're not around, i didn't do so well when i met the TWIN 'T'. I didn't give my best...

Dear Mr Study Mood,

Your rivals always come drop by. Sometimes, not just for minutes, Mr Game Mood and Mrs Sleep Mood also spend their time with me for hours. Don't you feel jealous? I don't want to betray you, but if your rivals keep on looking and taking care of me, I'm afraid I'll lose to their charms. Do you want me to be taken by them? You know what? Last week when i came back home, Mr Game Mood kept on hitting on me by introducing a game that i've missed to play for soooo long which is Worms Armageddon. He kept asking me to bring his new device back to college but i dont want to cause i know i'll fall for it. Not enough of that, Mrs Sleep Mood also kept on hitting on me with the cold-nice-to-sleep weather with the comforter and fluffy pillow, It's really hard for me to not fall for it. I really hope you can save me from all this Mr Study Mood...

Dear Mr Study Mood,

I know one of the reasons you didn't come by is because most of your buddies are on holidays right? I know most of them have been 'released' last week. Not much of your species still on tide and serve their responsibilities...  They've been switched to Mrs Holiday Mood, Mr Game Mood, Mrs Sleep Mood and even Mr Blogging Mood right? I don't ask for much, but please, bear with me...

Dear Mr Study Mood,

I really really really need you right now. I'm begging you to be by my side. Not for a long time, just about a week until next Thursday.. cause Mr Test is coming on Tuesday and Thursday and then your BFF, Mr Final Exam. I want to be prepared. I want to give my best and show what can i do to your best friends. I don't want to face them without you... And i don't have any other support such as Mrs Study Week. Thus, please please please accompany me till next Thursday can you? Without you,  I can't really face the notes. With you by my side, i can even finish up 20 notes or more per day. So, please come and save me from your rivals. You do love me right? I promise i'll serve you with your favorite drinks, juices/yogurt drinks ( i know you don't really like coffee and nescafe even it can keeps Mrs Sleep Mood away) and your favorite food, chocolate! See you soon! err...  i mean in a minute! No, i mean now!

-Nasiha Sakina-

"in order to succeed, our desire for success should be greater than our fear of failure"


deqyalalink said...

fuyowwwhh!! cam bace surat cinte ! perghh!!! kipidappp!!

yana kawaii said... mmg btul pon,2la yg ko wat tym2 nk exam ko blei catchup gak..

e-liex said...


nampak sangat slalu tulis kan? ahahahha

yana kawaii

n stiap kali tu jugak la cakap "nyesal xstudy awl sket.." tp nex sem wat gak! huhu